i love you…i love you.


harry’s snapchats make my day so much better wavepunk ilu

the new itunes is red. i love it. it is assertive and here to make a statement. i trust red itunes; i know it has my best interests in mind. blue itunes was deceitful

lmpossibleprincess replied to your photo: “i just made this my fb cover photo”:
ill ask you one last time…. stop tryin to be me

i invented yiff

i just made this my fb cover photo

What looks like moss covering rocks is actually a very dense, flowering shrub that happens to be a relative of parsley, living in the extremely high elevations of the Atacama Desert in Chile. (Source)
Anonymous: smittywerberjaegermanjensen

also drawn with no ref. we just want the hat back

honeyshuckle: ✍ Samus Aran oops


stevenstombstone: draw-y symbol, fenris from dragon age 2

i only know a little about da but this guy is smokin